The New Safety Standard

Bronze partner

In May 2020, the Standard for Single and Multiple Station Smoke Alarms, UL 217, will utilize new ¬fire and nuisance tests that all manufacturers must meet in order to be compliant. Kidde alarms with TruSense technology is the first manufacturer to meet these new standards which help recognize real fires and prevent nuisance alarms often caused by cooking.

The significantly revised UL standard incorporates new tests related to cooking nuisance alarms and smoldering and flaming polyurethane, including more than 250 technical updates. This new standard was needed to meet changes in construction and higher fire loads existing in homes today. Given five years to pass the test, Kidde accomplished its mission in four years by being the first manufacturer in the US to pass the new UL217 testing requirements in May 2019. We are proud to continue to be the leader in residential fire protection.

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